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Audio Daddy Affiliate Program!

Network: Clickbank
Commission: 50% Front & Back
Upsells: x 2
Earning Potential: $104 Per Client

Hosted by two industry professionals with over 30 years combined experience, AudioDaddy is an interactive journey for students of all ages/experience levels.

This product is packed with USP's & easy to market solutions.

The niche is huge and not many (any?) products like ours exist quite yet (regarding the way it's packaged & presented). We pride ourselves on the content and brand positioning. Early tests are showing great feedback all around.




Hiding Hoplinks & Using Different Sales Pages
Target Your Traffic Even BETTER!

Our main offer is at: http://www.audiodaddy.com
With advanced links that hide your ID and allow you to
choose your own landing page, your hoplink will look like this:


where: “YOURCBIDHERE” = your affiliate nickname
abcd1234” = this is the optional tracking ID so you can track your campaigns better.
If you want to remove it simply remove the part that reads '&tid=abcd1234'

Different Sales Pages You Can Push Traffic To:
(change YOURCBID to your own clickbank nickname)


Want to send traffic to YOUR own custom made landers?
Use this code:: (this means a cookie will be dropped when serving your own page).

4. Your own lander/presell pages/etc. - they won't need a hoplink from your site to ours if you use this, just a normal link will do (great for hiding your aff links, and we strip the tail end of the URL even if you do use them).

or with a TID http://audiodaddy.com/go.php?offer=YOURCBID&u=http://www.yoursite.com/yourlander.html&tid=myBLOG


**NOTE: Some hosts (eg. Hostgator do not allow “http://” in the URL, so this link format may not work with hostgator:

so THIS version may NOT work:
^ may not work!

If that’s the case, then just omit the second ‘http://’ so it's:
^ this will work!

**NOTE: We have setup a custom system for all this to take place on our backend, the above methods will not work with other clickbank products.

Standard Affiliate Links Still Work - Your Link Will Be:


(replace 'yourCBID' with your clickbank nickname/id - note there is no www in the url, and it ends in .net not .com)

Why Promote for AudioDaddy?

A few reasons - the development team has a proven track record in the music production and software space having lead previous teams
to big revenue streams and chart topping clickbank LONG lifecycles (launches are easy, try being in launch mode for 4 years n growing).

We split test like crazy, our packaging is through the roof, our branding always starts with pixel perfect conversion aimed assets, and
MOST IMPORTANTLY for you the affiliates - we have amazing retention on our campaigns and not much affiliate rollover. This means
that you tend to make money with our program and stick around - especially if you understand the space already and can get campaigns going
quickly for new products. This being a brand new niche - we did it again - creating and automating a new micro niche, yet still retaining enough broad
appeal that even cold traffic will tend to convert at a decent %rate (to get it for a loved one/friend/kid/nephew/bf/etc.)

Bottom line is - we make you money, and we produce amazing white hat safe and fun products that tend to go viral and stick vs spike and dump
within a month or two and onto the next launch. Your efforts are rewarded here for a LONG time and we plan on growing this brand as big as we
did our last chart toppers so go ahead get involved and put up some test campaigns for our launch phase. We'll be tweaking and split testing a bit
however focus groups and general feedback have been amazing so we do expect a healthy journey ahead.


We take spam VERY seriously - and will be reporting/noting any and all affiliates that break our golden rules to preserve the brand
and the affiliates that are promoting it safely.


* Post on ANY music or production/singing/rapping forums spamming them with your signature link or blatant affiliate link/landing page link.
* Do NOT LIE or create fake blogs, farticles, fake news looking landers with fake stories, there is NO reason to lie - our proof speaks loud.
* Do NOT hide the fact that you will be reimbursed when users click over from your site (it's ok - the market is getting used to the disclaimers)
*Do NOT speak on our behalf, anywhere, officialy as being a part of the team or otherwise - simple endorsements and or reviews of the demo are enough.
* We will not be doing review copies as there is literally a full demo on the sales page that goes over every function and some are not limited as is.

Banners You Can Use On Your Websites









Videos - All are on youtube - feel free to remix/get creative with them

Our channel is at www.YouTube.com/AudioDaddyTV

Ad Templates

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