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If you're having trouble installing, or using our software - please refer to our install and instructional videos located on our YouTube channel under

We do customer support emails in batches twice a day Monday - Friday not including holidays and weekends. If you have not gotten a response from us within 24hrs please be patient we'll be right with you (chances of waiting that long are slim unless it's the weekend or a holiday).


Most common troubleshooting tips:

I went through the sales process too fast and closed the window, what's my password? How do I download?
- Simply check your email ;). All transactions and download links are emailed to you and you have a certain amount of time, and download attempts before your download window expires. If it has expired and or the links don't work from your email - please email us and we'll expedite a reset on your download links. Please be prepared to verify your purchase, ID, transaction reciept #, and email us from the same email you used to purchase with.

I can't unzip the file I downloaded.
- You are downloading a .zip file, You may need an unzipping software like winzip, winrar, or tugzip to open & extract this (all are free). The actual folder inside the .zip is MAC and PC compatible.

I double click on the START file, and a browser opens but the software screen and recording functions are gone.
- This tends to happen if your browser doesn't support flash or activeX, 99% of the machines out there run this no problem within firefox, chrome, IE, Safari. Please try an alternate browser (though if the web demo works, it should work fine for you).

I don't know how to use the 'record voice' function properly.
- We will have more YouTube videos covering each function shortly. Easy steps to follow are: Press record, and click 'allow' on the popup screen that asks for permission to access your mic (make sure you have a mic plugged into your machine and it's set properly). Once you click 'allow' - you are recording! Click the stop button, and you've stopped recording. Now you can PLAY what you just recorded, and TRIM the beginning and end points so you can chop off dead air or other unwanted portions of your recording. Then click SAVE, give your file a name, and voila - you just saved an MP3 file of your recording.


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